Andrew Blanchard has over 41 years of experience in the financial industry. He worked in banking from 1976 until 1987, when he became a Certified Financial Planner. For 30 years he has helped clients with Portfolio Management, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, and Estate Management. He is a registered Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Elder Planning Counselor (EPC), and has held 25 other designations in the past.

As head of the Blanchard Lifestyle Investment Team, Andrew operated one of Canada’s most successful wealth management offices from 1993-2003, during which time he was the top financial advisor in Canada.

More recently, Andrew has owned and operated Four Pillar Financial Inc., and has shifted his emphasis more towards portfolio management. However, as always, an added benefit of working with Andrew is that as a Four Pillar Financial client, you will receive:
– free tax preparation
– free tax planning

During the initial meeting with his clients, Andrew’s goal is never to sell his clients anything, but rather to provide them with the knowledge of what value he can deliver to them. Four Pillar Financial Inc.’s mission statement is true and plain disclosure. Before you purchase any investment, Andrew will disclose to you all of the costs and risks associated with your choices.